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H-7634 PÉCS, Móra F. u. 31.
Testvérvárosok tere 2/1.


Phone: (+36) 30 4252 767



Our highly experienced dental practice puts special emphasis on the simultaneous treatment of a variety of dental problems. Our activity is characterized by following 4 concepts:




precise computer technique


You have the right to expect your teeth to be restored according to the highest aesthetic standards. The results can easily astonish your family and acquaintances!

Do you have a missing tooth? After we restore your teeth you'll have the smile you have desired for a long time.

Do you need a denture? Instead of the disturbing greyish metal clasps we apply various hidden fastening elements. Thus, it will remain a secret
between you and our practice that you are wearing false teeth; no one else will notice it.

Do you feel that your teeth aren't white enough? After only a few treatments we can achieve teeth whiter by up to two tones. Moreover, you may continue with the treatments under our supervision - conveniently at your home.

Have you been wearing a removable denture for a long time? Would you rather have a fixed bridge or crown? Our team also offers you implant services: with the implantation carried out carefully and gently. After the surgical intervention you will have brand new teeth!



We can prepare your prosthesis quickly because we use the latest, most modern state-of-the-art technology, However, in the interest of your health, we can not hasten the recovery period of eventual gingival, periodontal or other diseases, because shortcuts may cause serious problems later, sometimes years later.


Our team employs the newest state-of-the art techniques and best scientific knowledge.

All the materials used have EU qualification, and completely correspond to the most rigorous European standards.

Our dental prosthetics laboratory, for many years, has met the technical challenges for the best results for not only the Hungarian but also the western European clients. As the result, we are able to guarantee the durability of your dental prosthesis for years; thus, you can save significant amounts of money.

In order to avoid contact with prooved allergic agents, you will receive a written certificate indicating all materials we use.


To discover infections in the earliest formative stage, which are not visible and recognizable with naked eyes, we employ the best state-of-the-art computer controlled oral camera technology.

With our special oral camera we can reach the direct proximity of your teeth and immediately discover even the smallest mutations.

Root canal treatments required to preserve your teeth can be followed exactly millimetre by millimetre allowing us the chance to kill all the germs.

If you are curious about the course of your dental treatment and what your dental prosthesis will look like, we offer you the option to inspect it beforehand using a custom-tailored simulating program. This allows you to choose the most suitable option beforehand, without having any surprises.

You can observe your prosthesis being prepared in our dental prosthetics laboratory directly through a monitor located in our praxis. This way you may have direct influence on the work: should you wish to have a different shape or colour for your tooth, our dental laboratory technicians can immediately make changes according to your needs.

Should you have any questions concerning any of the treatments, do not hesitate to contact us!


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